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Welcome to the Ultimate Resource Site for Professionals who use Motor Vehicle Records!

The MVR Access and Decoder Digest is a Powerful Tool that:
  • Translates the codes and abbreviations of convictions and withdrawals found on driving records

  • Reports state privacy and record access regulations

  • Reveals the access procedures and fees for motor vehicle records including driver, vehicle, accident, liens, and even watercraft records. Learn where the free online status checks are and details on license monitoing systems available to employers and insurers.

  • Covers an array of topics including license appearance and issuance, suspensions and revocations, driver monitoring, point systems, and much more.

  • Details the Federal regulations affecting commercial drivers and the issuance of CDLs and CLPs

  • Includes the revised ACD Code Table and the SMS Motor Carrier Data Tables with Conviction Severity Weights
Available in book and electronic formats:

  • For more information on the book click here
  • For more information about the electronic version click here
  • To see a demo of the electronic version click here

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